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Last update: 26th April 2022

Welcome to Roquebrune sur Argens! Here is a list of places in the center of the village, in the area. Restaurants, bars, places to visit near Roquebrune. 

My Dad’s family Abbe has been in the village at least from the 16th Century (there is no written record before that, so no idea!). My Mum’s family moved there in 20th Century (when my parents met). But after 10 years in the UK and 20+ years in Occitanie (Montpellier), my lifestyle is mixed between tourism and remote work.

This list is a start. Your feedback is important. Places listed are open all year round (and not only for the touristy season).

Roquebrune is made of 3 villages:

  • La Bouverie: a residential suburb in the middle of the forest
  • Les Issambres: by the sea, overlooking the Saint Tropez and Fréjus / Saint Raphaël bays
  • Roquebrune village: the old village

The house is on the left next to the Church “Eglise Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul”.

So logically I will detail tips and tricks for all 3 parts of Roquebrune sur Argens. Enjoy!

Best places to buy food and wine in Roquebrune sur Argens

Local meat, fruits, vegetables, wine, honey: La grande bastide

5-minute drive from Roquebrune. My all time favorite is la Grande Bastide. Fruits, vegetables, meat, wine… it comes from producers from Roquebrune or the are, or the rest of Provence. I like the spirit: this shop is a partnership between producers. The Ciamous family is an old family from Roquebrune.

  • Web: La Grande Bastide
  • Address: 160 Route du Golf Quartier la Rouvière, Roquebrune sur Argens, 83520, France

💡 Stop on the way back from the Saint Aygulf (the sea)

⚠ Check the opening times on Facebook, it varies from season to season

Honey and other products from Roquebrune and the rest of Provence: L’amie ailée

Jeanne Perrin’s family has been producing honey for the past 3 generations. The shop sells honey and many other nice products (fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables too)

  • Web: www.lamieailee.com
  • Address: 19 rue Jean Aicard, 83520 Roquebrune-Sur Argens, France

Wine and delicatessen from Roquebrune and the rest of Provence: Maison du Terroir

The Maison du Terroir is on the main square Place Perrin. There, you’ll find honey, olives and wine produced in Roquebrune. There’s a wide selection.

7/7 grocery store

Proxi is open from 8 to 20 (8pm), 7 days a week, very helpful.
  • Web: no
  • Address: 37 Rue Grande André Cabasse, 83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France

Best restaurants in Roquebrune sur Argens

There are many restaurants and snacks to choose from in Roquebrune sur Argens.

I’ve listed restaurants open all year round. Some of them do use local products. Others offer cuisine from other countries (and I’m not talking about kebab, pizza, fish and chips…!).

Italian food close from the house: A Modo Mio

The mother is in the kitchen, the children do the service. Dishes are all homemade (15€ to 25€ for a main dish)

  • Tel: 0622783904
  • Address: 13 rue des Portiques, 83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France

Couscous and tajine restaurant in Roquebrune sur Argens: les Templiers

Zora is a Roquebrune girl. She has got Moroccan origins. Zora’s couscous is unmissable. There is a nice joyful atmosphere on the terrace. There is live music some nights.

Home-style French cuisine with home delivery: Evelyne.com à la maison

If you don’t want to cook and want to eat at the house, this is probably one of the best option.

The selection changes everyday. They deliver to the door (Roquebrune Village, la Bouverie and Le Puget), it is very handy. There is a terrace on a pedestrian place.

  • Order by phone: +33 494 81 09 77 (do they speak English? No idea)
  • Web: the daily menu is available there
  • Address: 8 Place Saint-Pierre, 83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France

Stylish restaurant with seasonal menu: Le Jardin de l'Orangeraie

It is all true: there is a garden, you eat on the terrace, next to the orange trees. If you are looking for a stylish restaurant, with dishes you’ve never seen before, that’s the place to be!

Ideal for an evening out amongst friends with no kids!

  • Web: site
  • Address: 401 Boulevard Jean Jaurès, 83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France


High-end French restaurant on the sea-front: La réserve Gayrard

A large terrace on the beach in les Issambres, an unusual selection of dishes, a private access to the sea and a private car park… This place is truly incredible. Budget: 50€ to 100€ per head for a meal

Brasserie restaurant in Roquebrune sur Argens: la belle étoile

Large terrace, large room. The food is a mix of traditional brasserie style French and Asian. There is live music some nights.

French restaurant in Roquebrune sur Argens: Marmiton

French and regional Provence dishes.

  • Web: ?
  • Tel: 04 94 45 49 59
  • Address: 21 avenue Charles de Gaulle, 83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France

Best shops in Roquebrune sur Argens

Sweets and cocktail shop in Roquebrune sur Argens: les confiseries jadis

A sweets shop that also sells “ready to mix” cocktails: the dried mix just needs a bottle of alcool (rhum, etc.)

Cakes and tea room with a terrace: Confiture de Lait

When I was a kid, this was a renown cake shop (“Pâtisserie” in French). This young couple, Élise and Jules, took over in March 2021. Guess what? Awesome! Do check it out.

⚠ Beware: It is addictive and in front of the family house (close to the Church)

Lingerie and clothes shop in Roquebrune sur Argens: Coquelicots lingerie

Caroline owns this shop. She’s great fun. Caroline also knows her job! Underwear, swimming trunks, goodies to bring back home… This is the place to be!

Note: if you want a parcel delivered whilst you are in Roquebrune, Coquelicot lingerie is a delivery point.

11 rue Grande André Cabasse, 83520 Roquebrune sur Argens

Pop Culture shop: Boîte à malices (BAM)

Thomas and his partner share many passions. Their 2 shops are simply crazy: Harry Potter, superhero and manga themed clothes and goodies, bubble teas, print on demand T-shirts and goodies…

Thomas organizes a yearly manga convention in Roquebrune sur Argens every January.

Homemade Ice-creams, pancakes, waffles: la glace rit

2 guys make great ice-creams. The trick: ask them what they made from local fruits.

What to do in and near Roquebrune sur Argens

Visit Roquebrune sur Argens

There are several options to visit the village and get explanations:

  • Start at « Maison du patrimoine » (Héritage house): one minute away from old Mairie (Council House) and Maison Abbe
  • Tourism Information office organizes visits in English and French

Visit villages near Roquebrune sur Argens

Roquebrune sur Argens is central:

  • South: sea, villages of Saint Tropez and Saint Maximin, Maures forest
  • East: Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Italy
  • West: Aix en Provence
  • North: Gorges du Verdon, Alpes

Please find the start of the start of a list!

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is best reached by boat. Check if boats run from Saint Raphaël. During Summer, boats also run from Sainte Maxime and les Issambres.

By car, traffic jams should be expected!


The options are endless:

  • Swim, snorkel, dive, surf
  • Ski, snow rackets
  • Hike, walk, run
  • Cycle

The « sentier des douaniers » (a path that follows the Med’ coast) is a must. 

The « Rocher de Roquebrune » (Roquebrune’s rock) where you park on the South to have a nice 1-hour climb to the 3 crosses on top.


Activities include

  • Concerts: abbaye du Toronet for classical
  • Museums

More to come!


The best places to chill out include

  • Calanques (small spots where to hang-out or swim) in Saint Aygulf
  • Beaches in Boulouris (Saint Raphaël)

Still to come


How to travel









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